As virtual items economies have grown in size and represent more real world money, theft and fraud have become rampant. By making use of blockchain technology, game studios could secure their economies against these attacks. I provide a proof of concept using Ethereum to partially record the state of the Team Fortress 2 economy.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: The Blockchain Backpack
  2. Extension and Blockchain Item Modification
  3. Trading with the Blockchain Backpack
  4. The Trade-offs Being Made
  5. Statistics and Stranges on the Blockchain
  6. Crates and the Quality of Randomness
  7. Optimization and Minimizing Costs

Getting the code

You can get the code and this website by running:

git clone http://git.blockchainbackpack.org/backpack.git/

This repository has a website/ folder with this website and a src/ folder which holds all the code. Instructions on how to build the proof of concept are in the top-level README.md file.

All the code is Apache 2.0 licensed, but this is just a proof of concept. If you actually want to build a full version of this system, you may want to start over with the described interface as a guideline.